Nation Sequence

Upkeep Phase: Housekeeping… and possibly failure.
1.) Determine Stability: Roll 1d20+Stability against Control DC. Success gives -1 Unrest; if Unrest was already 0, +1 Build Point. Failure is +1 Unrest; by 5 or more, +1d4 additional Unrest.
2.) Pay Upkeep: Reduce Treasury by Conumption value. Treasury can become negative at this time; if it is negative now, +2 Unrest.
3.) Roll to generate new Magic Items (if applicable)
4.) +1 Unrest for each of Economy, Stability or Loyalty below zero. Enforcer may then reduce Unrest. Check Unrest level for rebellions and revolutions.

Edict Phase: Give orders to your subjects.
1.) Assign Leadership roles
2.) Claim explored hexes or Abandon claimed hexes. Claim costs 1BP, must be safe terrain (i.e. no enemies/monsters present) and must be adjacent to a claimed hex.
3.) Spend a moment wondering why Pathfinder rules don’t have a Step 3
4.) Build Terrain Improvements by spending BP from Treasury. Cannot spend below zero.
5.) Create or Improve Settlements with BP from Treasury. Cannot spend below zero.
6.) Create Armies
7.) Issue New Edicts; many edicts have a BP cost associated, or else raise Consumption.

Income Phase: Death and Taxes
1.) Withdrawals from Treasury at an exchange rate of 2000GP per BP. Each BP raises Unrest by 1.
2.) Make deposits to the Treasury at an exchange rate of 4000GP per BP. Expensive magic items (costing more than 4000GP each) are usually too large to convert directly to BP; see step 3.
3.) Sell Expensive Items, at a rate of one per District per Settlement per month. Items worth more than the base value of a Settlement cannot be sold; the Settlement is not wealthy enough to afford that kind of powerful magic. If eligible, divide magic item price by 2 (i.e. standard 50% selling price) then by 4000 to give the BP value it adds to the nation. N.B. Items in nation’s magic item slots cannot be sold this way unless the party buys them first.
4.) Collect Taxes by rolling an Economy check and dividing by 3. This gives the BP income for the month.

Event Phase:
1.) 25% chance per turn for a random event to occur. This rises to 75% if an event did NOT occur last turn.
2.) Resolve any events that occur and move on to the next Upkeep Phase (or more likely, pause for adventure).

National Statistics can be found here

Nation Sequence

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