Whole again

It is done! I have finally become strong enough to wield healing magic great enough to regenerate my lost wings. My glorious wings, I have missed them dearly in the last dozen years.

These wings. My wings. Returned to me by my own hand, Not like that accident with Weiss and his spell to return me to my thaarian form.

For the first time in all my life I feel in control. Control over my body, my mind and my goals. I achieved my first goal now. Now I only have a few more. To kill Commander Siahsi or at least repay the dept of pain and blood on her talons. Keep my kiko safe and to gather as much power as I can to ensure both.

My Wings are a start but I need more. Scales to protect my body from harm. Deadlier weapons, Solace as my Cursed blade now reads will do for now but it is not enough.



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