An Alliance

Today we were greeted by three guests in Valions castle.
Akren, The Second mate aboard the Sea Shepherd. has since taken the role of captain

Mathrys Sol. A Sahark mage, slim, well dressed and wearing a monocle. He was looking for Salren Dres which led him to finding us. Is a member of the Coral Circle

Talad Renion. Reddish skinned Sahark. pronounced limp and a very irritated man

First Mathrys Sol asked about what is an ‘Alithari’ and said that the Alvin Koris who accompanied us before was not the real mage but an impostor “Yes, I met the real Magus Koris in the north of Krunam; he’d never heard of the Sea Shepherd and was appalled that someone had stolen his identity”
Marthys informed us that Dres was a memeber of the Coral Circle until ‘quite recently’ and that he believed we were allied with Dres and that Dres has plans for us. We were then told by Talad that the Duke of Amastran, Karnhil has put our names on a hit list, possibly with a high price of any claimed bounties.

Talad also informed us that the Amastran Navy has been rumored to have been refited with new weapony (possibly of Vriith origin) and has been very active in the Straits of Amastra in the north coast of the open tundra. He also spoke of a rumor that this fleet may have razed the free city of Algoran six weeks ago.

Talad gave us a proposition, A lucrative trading contract, Trade of the valleys timber and stone in exchange for mercenaries and officials. Valion as Lord of the Castle and Asha agreed and signed the contract.



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