Kalt Klaue

The Glue and the Reason


Cleric |Worships Daiteng | Domains: Luck, Travel

Character sheet | Kalt Klaue’s Spell book |Haversack


Resembling an anthropomorphic Bird of Prey, his dark feathers allow him to pass as a Tengu. Ex military after being discharged and stripped of his wings. Works as personal security.

Raised to be a soldier but betrayed his kind to save the Tengu town Shorewing from slaughter and abduction. Lost his wings for his betrayal but is now a hero of Shorewing. He lived with them for many years, living life like a tengu with a female named Elora.

He does not like senseless waste of money and life and bares his burdens

When near Thaar’ he uses the name Vesk

Kalt Klaue

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