Angry Dragon Thing


Valion is a male white dragon that stands about 6ft tall while on all fours. He has a set of large horns on his head, with thick a membrane between them. His blue eyes glow faintly and begin glowing brightly when he’s agitated. When furious, blue gusts of smoke occasionally spring from them.

His scales appear to be nicely tended and his claws are obviously sharpened. Even the claws on his wings appear to be sharpened. He’s wearing armour with various parts and plates. A large breastplate covers his chest while separate smaller plates connected with reinforced leather straps cover his fore and hind-legs. A row of connected layers of armour line his tail and end in a large spike. Several more spikes can be seen on the banded gloves on his forearms On his left arm, he’s wearing a complex contraption that looks like a small ballista, it looks yuanis and exotic in design.

To his side, he’s got a sheathed greatsword which appears to be small in design. The sheath looks a little weathered and it’s quite obvious that he doesn’t really carry it along for fighting purposes anymore. Several runic symbols appear to be carved into his armour, some of them look a little off, as if he wrote them himself with his claws. Still, they give the whole set a very unique appearance.

On the bottom side of his breastplate, he wears a large belt, with several pouches, most of which seem empty, it’s engraved with magical symbols that bestow strenght upon their wearer. A large necklace hangs around his neck, the original symbol that was engraved on it has been wiped off and another symbol has been placed in it’s stead, it looks like a wave or somesuch.

Finally, he’s got a large white cape draped between his wings and along his back. It’s tied to his armour in several places to prevent it from moving too much and looks more like part of the actual armour, like a one-way tabard, than anything else. There’s some mystical symbols written on it, not expertly but they seem to grant the owner fortitude.

At a first glance, he doesn’t look very inviting and in general looks a little curious and worn. Everything about him seems to be a mixture of various ideals and cultures, as if he’s been everywhere but belonged nowhere.


Long and boring.


Scalefinder Aedrion