Wild Hunter of Knowledge


His most preferred form is a large megaraptor with dirty brown-green scales with teal stripes and a bright red underbelly. He is currently a 20’ yuanis with similar colorings but hopes he can be turned back, but admits being able to speak clearly is convenient and may seek a compromise. He wears a maroon tunic with yellow trim and a hand bag that holds his writing materials.

Theme Song:

Chosen by Frost because “It’s earie and mysterious, as he is, optimistic and innconent but with a hint of loss and confusion. And some very sublte hints of more going on”

And by me because it makes me think of someone who is often silently thoughtful, uncertain of his purpose and unclear of his own goals, but is ultimately optimistic.


Talinon is a native of Vriith. He is a naturally gifted sorcerer but his understanding of magic is limited as he is from a plane where it is mostly non-extant, but also because he lacks most memory of his life prior to being a raptor. He is aware that he was not originally a raptor and was somehow transformed into one; To the point where his mind was reduced to that of an animal. His awakening from this state is a mystery, as is how he was put into that state to begin with. He is not one to complain about his memory loss, however, and in fact doesn’t feel connected to his past at all. He is mostly concerned with filling the gaps in his knowledge that he fears he must have lost along the way. And, perhaps, the reason he was transformed to begin with.

What past he does remember is vague and unclear. His clearest memories are in the forest and the pack that he led there. In his earliest memories, he stalks a pack of raptors attempting to win their favor and prove his worthiness of joining them. They resist, but his instinct forces him to be relentless. Through sheer force of will and a bit of sub-human cunning, he convinces them to take him in, and eventually to allow him to become the alpha of the pack.

Many of the years with his pack blur together. He has no metric for how long he must have lived as a simple animal. He says he was an ignorant beast and lived a life of contentment and pleasure. It was simple but pleasant. Being alpha had its rewards, and much of his pack was soon made up of his children. Yet, he says he was also a remorseless monster. More concerned with his own survival and that of his pack than anything else that crossed his path. His unusual cunning caught the attention of hunters and researchers that sought to claim him as a prize. He proved to be a difficult prey, and often turned their games against them. He himself ending several peoples’ lives. At the time, seeing them as nothing more than attackers and eventually food. Now the very scent and sight of blood brings the thrill of the hunt and the guilt of murder rushing back to him. It is frighteningly euphoric.

When he finally was captured by a simple baited cage, his pack did all they could to extricate him. But ultimately they were powerless. Having little other choice, they disowned him from the pack and chose a new alpha, before moving on. The emotional shock and the beating and starving he endured from the animal trainer that caught him easily broke his wild spirit and he resigned himself to the whims of the Pitros Zoo. That is until he awoke one day, suddenly able to understand everything around him with unprecedented clarity. And his scale tingled with a charged energy. He discovered he was capable of not only sentient thought, but also strange magical impossibilities. Through which he very nearly managed to escape several times.

He was set free a few weeks later by a group of equally bizarre characters, whom he has come to consider his new pack.


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